An Age Of Man

Entering the Crypt

As our party finally descends the treacherous hillside, something begins to take shape before them across the ravine. The entrance to Konul's Tomb, and the beginning of the real adventure.

As they approach the entrance, they smell a foul odor through the water beating down on them. The closer they get to the entrance the more pungent it becomes. Slaughtered ponies and horses , still tied to their posts, are left rotting near the entrance way. Delphus stop to discretely take a sample of the blood and remains, and notices something off. Crushed under one of the horses there seems to be bones, old dry bones. Reece comes over and tries to move the corpse of the horse, to hopefully find a bone that could tell them what kind of creature was crushed. The weight of the horse proves to be too much, and instead of lifting like intended he only manages to shove the body to the side, crushing the bone fragments underneath into dust. Unable to figure out what or who ended these horses they begin to head inside. They don't have to wait long to find out though, as Eric , now retching from the smell and sight of Reece covered in the rotting blood and intestines of the horse, heads inside the tomb to vomit. He notices the mangled bodies of two men in the center of the front room along with several piles of bones. The Bones quickly animate, each pile turning into a horrifying skeleton intent on killing the new living disturbance. The battle Is silent, the sound of bone on stone and steel crushing bone echo through the large entrance way. One by one the skeletons are beaten, broken, or outright pulverized by our party. As the bones fall, the party notices something. The tomb is not silent.

The is a sound. Is it someone crying? Our party heads for the inside doors and listens…. The sound is coming from the right! They quickly enter a room filled with pillars and less then deadly pit traps. It seems the villagers sent here to make the tomb safe have done their job, as Reece luckily finds out, falling into a pit in the center of the room. He finds a bag with a few platinum pieces and a note "three to open, but be quick, for the door will only open for those who work together”
At first, it makes no sense, but Tordin, Reece and Eric all find switches, while Delphus finds a locked door with no keyhole. They quickly surmise that the switches must be pulled at the same time the door is opened, and proceed into the hallway beyond.

They creep along this dark hallway, Tordin in front using every sense he has to check for more traps, pit or otherwise. He doesn't find any traps, but he does find a door. Due to the nature of the stone walls, the wailing and sobbing seems to be coming from everywhere, and the party decides its best not to leave a door unchecked. They enter the smallish chamber beyond and stumble into a nesting pair of Giant fire Beetles! One beetle is in the middle of the room, ontop of and seemingly pushing a corpse towards a pile in the corner.  The second beetle is on this pile, made of bits and pieces of dead meat, dirt, and scraps from whatever has been laying around the tomb. Our heroes bravely attack these Glowing beetles, risking life and limb to destroy their foulness. The Corpses of the beetles give off a faint and eerie glow in the chamber, and our party presses on, into the room beyond.
 The room beyond has the smoldering remains of a fire, and in that the smoldering remains of a human. The room is filled with a thick oily smoke, it burns the lungs and sticks to your skin- Eric is overcome with nausea and begins coughing and gagging, unable to keep his stomach contents in place. As Tordin goes to smother the fire, a shadow lashes out at him, not just wounding him but also stealing some of his strength, it quickly hides again in the inky dark smoke. Delphus tries to destroy the source of the smoke by dousing it with water from his water skin and the shadow attacks once again, dealing a nearly fatal blow. The party quickly realises that they must put out the fire, and Tordin and Reece do so, with the smoke now turned to steam Eric is able to see the shadow, human in form attempting to hide in a corner. He nocks his bow and releases an arrow, hitting the shadow and dissipating its inky darkness A quick search of the room and fire reveal no secret doors, but Tordin does find a dagger he realizes might be a relic from the first war wit the empire. They remove themselves from the room, and reenter the chamber where the dead beetles still give off their faint eerie light, decide that they are in no shape to continue their journey and must rest. The lock the doors and prepare to take a much needed long rest, the sobbing and wailing still echoing through the chamber…


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