An Age Of Man

A Day about town

Favors called in

They take their time making their way back to Centralia from the Crypt of Konul. Dimira and Roland get better as they travel home. Roland regains much of his sanity , but stays quiet and distant. 
They arrive in town, and confront the mayor.
He feels terrible, and offers them anything he can do as a reward when he cannot seem to find the gold he had for them.
The party takes the rooms at the seven silvers, and Delphus talks quickly with a man dressed in grey, then says he has to go. The party splits briefly as they go to restock consumed items, repair dulled weapons, speak with mentors, and acquire the herbs they need for Tordin to summon a familiar.
The Man in grey later identifies himself as Cygar, a member of the same society/order as Delphus. He asks the party to help Delphus in his assignment of investigating the cult of Omadon, they agree to help their friend. They enjoy one last night of relaxing in the town, drinking heavily at the bar in the seven silvers. They speak to Trevor, and agree to make one of his missed wine deliveries, to a Halfling named Carum that lives off of the main road heading toward Gleonia. The party continues to drink deeply, and Eric insults the only pretty young woman in centralia. The locals do not take kindly to this and promptly throw him out of the bar, where he is found by the next guard patrol ( Captain Wisslo himself )
He is brought to Mayor Uptals House and allowed to rest there for the night.


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